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Semester-Long Service Design Solo Project 

Project Overview


My Role

UX Designer & Researcher


Date & Duration

Jan - May 2021

Sixteen Weeks








primary & secondary research, comparative analysis, experience principles, geography maps, service blueprints, prototyping

My Impact

This was the final project I completed as part of my education in the UX program at Purdue. As the solo team member on this project, I was able to see all of the skills, methods, and knowledge I had learned over the past four years come to life. From scoping, to research, to ideation, to design, I had full autonomy over the process. This would not have been possible without the help, support, and critique of my professors and fellow classmates. 

What I Learned

This was a very challenging project. Every other major project I had completed up to this point involved a team of other students. I had rarely worked solo. Throughout the course of the semester I had many doubts and insecurities about the decisions I was making as a designer. As I progressed throughout the 16 weeks, I learned to trust my instincts and let the research guide me. I am a better designer for it and I am very excited about how the project turned out.   

Design Opportunity

The Problem, Scope & Goal

The process of acquiring a spot in the Saturday Night Live audience is strenuous because of the high level of interest. The standby line process was my main focus because of its ambiguity and unassurance, compared to other ticketing methods. The standby spots are the last seats filled in the studio, meaning a standby line ticket does not guarantee you a spot in the audience.


Over the course of this semester, I planned to reimagine the pre-show experience of acquiring tickets to SNL, subsequently making the process more transparent for all involved. The two stakeholders I focused on were audience patrons (the people waiting for the show) and SNL pages (the people guiding and directing the patrons through the process).

The Solution

My guiding problem statement through the project was as follows:

"Currently, the process of acquiring tickets to see Saturday Night Live is ambiguous and strenuous because of limited communication between patrons and SNL. My goal is to create a solution that facilitates transparent communication between both parties and streamlines the pre-show SNL experience."

Given that statement, I created a cross-channel web application for patrons that pairs with an app for the SNL pages.The web app acts as a resource for patrons to reference and utilize throughout their pre-show journey. The pages’ app tracks information obtained from the patrons’ web app. 

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Design Opportunity
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