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I work as an Experience Designer at PNC Financial Services and I am a graduate of Purdue University. 

Outside of professional work, catch me playing Sudoku, making a new Spotify playlist, ogling at architecture, or exploring my city, Philadelphia!

Read on to learn about my journey in design.

Hey there, I'm Shelby!

I'm a designer / researcher / explorer. 

💡 my design journey

Screen Shot 2022-08-14 at 7.09.13 PM.png

From Designing to Co-Designing to Collective Dreaming: Three Slices in Time by Sanders & Stappers (2008)

I’ve had an interest in design for as long as I can remember, but UX wasn’t an area of design I was familiar with until I studied at Purdue.


When I was young, I thought I would become an architect someday. And I was also extremely interested in interior design. I would sit in my room and draw floor plans of my house until my hand fell off. Once it came time to pick a major for college, I explored different options for design fields, and I had some experience with building websites and graphic design, so Visual Communication Design (VCD) sounded right up my alley. I majored in VCD for a semester and realized I was missing something.


I never knew how to put into words why UX was more my fit than VCD until I came across an article by Sanders and Stappers that included the visual above. The article made it seem so simple, but it was something I couldn’t pinpoint for a year; all of the things I had previously had an interest in, like VCD, interior design, and architecture, all focused on the designing of things or products. In UX we design for purpose. I just knew that if I stayed with Visual Communication Design, I would never feel fulfilled in my work.


By finding UX, I’m able to uphold my values through the work that I create and I'm grateful to be able to make an impact on people's lives. I found a home in PNC to start my career because of the way in which we support learning, growing, and wellness in each other and in all people.

In Summary...

💻 my current position

Experience Designer @ PNC Financial Services

🚂 alum of

Purdue University with a B.S. in User Experience Design with minors in Psychology and Art & Design, and a certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

🎨 side projects

Designing floor plans of my studio apartment

Getting into painting

Creating high-fidelity mockups of my senior design project

🏡 finding home

Grew up in small-town Ohio

Went to college in West Lafayette, IN

Lived in Chicago, IL for a year

Moved to Philadelphia, PA a year ago!

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