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Hey, I'm Shelby!

I design for people, places, and experiences beyond the screen. 

I'm a UX Designer based in Philadelphia.

My Design Philosophy

UX as Architecture

Designing for the Unknown  |  the power of openness


Every time I start a new project, I get excited about exploring something new. I have to remain open to new opportunities, new experiences, new failures, and new innovation. After all, nothing crazy ever came from a closed mind.

Openness is like a piece of furniture in a room. It’s the building block to a beautiful creation. 

Featured Projects


This semester-long project focused on redesigning the FordPass mobile application. The team utilized a desirability model throughout the project in order to effectively recreate the positive feelings users have when engaging with their favorite app.  

This five-week design challenge focused on designing a solution to address the struggles that nonprofits in Indiana have been facing as a result of COVID-19. The team's solution, Benefit Indiana, focuses on the lack of steady volunteers that these nonprofits have been experiencing.


This semester-long project focused on designing a product concept for home contractors to streamline the set-up process with prospective customers. This project page is still in progress! 

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