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Concept Design

Project Overview

Currently the process of estimating contracted work consists of three different phases:

  • Phase One: the contractor works with the client to understand the scope and timeframe of the project. In this phase, the contractor visits the actual site.

  • Phase Two: the contractor comes up with detailed cost analysis with a comprehensive list of the materials, projected timeline, and labor requirements.

  • Phase Three: the contractor then presents the "free" estimate of the project to the client and the client will decide to work with them or not.


This process of estimating the costs is lengthy and is not "free" for the contractors. Because 40% of these visits never turn into a project, the contractors lose money by quoting the work. In the midst of a pandemic, the contractors cannot conduct in home visits to the same scale, and especially when such a high percentage do not lead to further work. This is a problem.

My Role

Team Lead

UX Designer


Sixteen Weeks

The Team

Shelby Benton

Evan Burr

Amelia Fleetwood

Laura Makary

Aiden Ringer

Problem Statement

"Currently, the bidding process between home contractors and prospective clients is timely, expensive, and leaves room for miscommunication. Our goal is to create a solution that facilitates transparent communication between both parties and streamlines the bidding process.

more content coming soon. 

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