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Ideation & Arduino Prototyping

Project Overview

As the Internet of Things has taken off, it has opened up new opportunities for creating compelling, cross-channel experiences. The goal for this project was to prototype an experience that is distributed across multiple channels to support domestic technologies. We were to design a compelling, aesthetic, and seamless technology/service that spanned multiple touchpoints within the physical and digital realms. 

Project Scope

The team's scope involved creating a system in which roommates can be notified and reminded of chores through streamlined communication, while also being held accountable to complete those chores.

User Group

People living with more than one roommate (in a non-familial environment) who need a way to communicate chore distribution. Because all of the roommates in a household are bringing in different habits and ideals of cleanliness, the team saw it as a necessity to include communication as a core aspect of our system. 

My Role

UX Designer


Four Weeks

The Team

Shelby Benton

Gina Clepper

Christian Espinoza

Prakash Shukla 

more content coming soon. 

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